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255 / 55 R15
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Nordman SZ
235/45 R17
Summer tyres
The EU tyre label
High efficiency of operation Rolling resistance grade C Wet surface grip / braking efficiency C class road grip on wet surface Noise emission evel of Nordman SZ tyre for passenger car 72 db
£ 149,28
£ 107,48
In stock
incl. 20% VAT
R-237541 King Meiler Car tyres
Sport 1
195/55 R15
Summer tyres
The EU tyre label
High efficiency of operation Wet surface grip / braking efficiency Noise emission evel of Sport 1 tyre for passenger car
£ 51,92
£ 37,38
In stock
incl. 20% VAT
908883 Rotalla Car tyres
Setula E-Race RH01
195/55 R16
Summer tyres
The EU tyre label
High efficiency of operation Rolling resistance grade C Wet surface grip / braking efficiency B class road grip on wet surface Noise emission evel of Setula E-Race RH01 tyre for passenger car 69 db
£ 50,39
£ 36,28
In stock
incl. 20% VAT
3089300 Pirelli Car tyres
205/55 R16
All-season tyres
The EU tyre label
High efficiency of operation Rolling resistance grade C Wet surface grip / braking efficiency B class road grip on wet surface Noise emission evel of CINTURATO AS PLUS tyre for passenger car 69 db
£ 89,69
£ 64,58
In stock
incl. 20% VAT
221008918 Linglong Car tyres
185/60 R15
All-season tyres
The EU tyre label
High efficiency of operation Rolling resistance grade C Wet surface grip / braking efficiency C class road grip on wet surface Noise emission evel of G-MASXL tyre for passenger car 71 db
£ 49,00
£ 35,28
In stock
incl. 20% VAT

Passenger car tyres components

Passenger vehicle tyres are elements of wheel design. The are elastic casings of a disk rim made of synthetic rubber and cord. Their aim is to ensure tyre road grip and optimal handling of the vehicle and accelerating and braking performance. For passenger cars tubeless tyres are mainly used.

A modern tyre is made up of:

  • cord, with textile or glass fiber plies;
  • rubber cord breaker;
  • tread that contacts with the road surface directly;
  • bead that adjoins tightly to the edge of the rim;
  • side wall, protecting from external damages.

Passenger car tyres types

According to the tread pattern:

  • Symmetrical directional pattern. They are characterized by the improved hydroplaning resistance. They are marked with an arrow and Rotation marking. This marker helps to set the tyre correctly.
  • Symmetrical non-directional pattern. They are universal and simple in installation and operation.
  • Asymmetrical non-directional pattern. Because of two types of tread pattern and different rates of sidewalls they provide a good grip with wet and dry road.
  • Symmetrical unidirectional pattern. They have good hydroplaning resistance and excellent car handling but they need much attention at installation - one has to follow the pattern, positioning of the wheel and passenger vehicle tire.

According to season performance:

  • Summer. They provide maximum level of road grip, wear and long tread life and speed index.
  • Winter. They are softer than summer tyres thus the tyre is protected from freezing and have additional tread grooves.
  • All-season. It is an optimal solution for countries with mild climate but they can not provide excellent performance at specific road conditions such as summer tires have on dry road and winter tyres for car - on snowy road.

According to the construction type:

  • R — radial;
  • D — diagonal;
  • B — belted bias.

With or without tube:

  • With inner tube.
  • Tubeless. It is the most popular type of tyres nowadays.

According to the speed index:

A — up to 40 km/h L — up to 120 km/h H — up 210 km/h
B — up 50 km/h M — up 130 km/h V — up 240 km/h
C — up 60 km/h N — up 140 km/h W — up 270 km/h
D — up 65 km/h P — up 150 km/h Y — up 300 km/h
E — up 70 km/h Q — up 160 km/h VR — exceeding 210 km/h
F — up 80 km/h R — up 170 km/h ZR — exceeding 240 km/h
G — up 90 km/h S — up 180 km/h (W) — exceeding 270 km/h
J — up 100 km/h T — up 190 km/h Z — exceeding 300 km/h
K — up 110 km/h U — up 200 km/h

Temperature stability index:

  • A — maximum level of temperature stability. It is a specific feature of summer car tyres.
  • B — medium level of temperature stability. All-season tires are specified with this mark.
  • C — minimal level of temperature stability. It is used for winter automobile tyres.

How to choose passenger cars tires

Tire manufacturers often mark their production with all the necessary information for choosing and installation of the tires. On the sidewall of a tire one can find the following information:

  • Manufacturer, brand of a tire and its model. They are usually marked by the combination of letters and figures.
  • Tire width in mm, rim diameter in inches and height-to-width ratio in percent. It looks like: «195/65 R15».
  • Wet road grip index. It is marked as Traction and A, B and C, where А — is the maximal index.
  • Temperature stability of the tire. It is marked as Temperature and A, B or C.
  • Road surface. For example: M+S — for mud and snow, Winter — for winter performance, Rain — for wet performance, Water or Aqua — for surfaces with great amount of water.
  • Load and pressure parameters.
  • Speed index. It is marked by Latin letters from A to Z.
  • Tire construction type.
  • With or without tube. It is marked with Tube Type or Tubeless respectively. If there is no mark, the tire has inner tube.
  • Tread and sidewall structure.
  • Tread wear indicator. It is a projection within tread. It becomes visible when new tyres are needed.

The following pieces of advice are useful for any motorist:

  1. Be guided by tyre parameters that you had already used on this concrete vehicle without negative results.
  2. Follow the recommendations of your car’s manufacturer .
  3. Ask for the help of service stations technicians. Let's remind you that it is desirable to visit certified service stations, specializing in service of your brand.

Passenger vehicles tyres operation

The average life cycle of passenger car tyre makes 40–50 thousand kilometers of running. The following advice will help to prolong it:

  1. If you don't know how to replace tires, let the professional servicemen to install them. The wrong installation can lead to the explosion of the tire.
  2. Twice a month check pressure in each tyre of the car: for the correct check use the special manometer, but not a built in the car pump.
  3. Test pressure on a cold tire: wait for three hours after the trip or before it.
  4. Control pressure level of a spare wheel tire— a spare wheel shouldn't let you down.
  5. Two times a month check the tire tread for existence of the foreign objects which got stuck inside.
  6. Having found uneven or diamond-shaped wear, immediately address the service station for clarification of the reasons and repair.
  7. Try to avoid slipping of the car on one place as it strongly heats tyres and can lead to their deformation or explosion.

How to define that it is time to change tyres

There are several approaches for defining if you need new car tyres:

  • The law specifies minimal tread depth of 1.6 mm.
  • The specialists recommend to replace summer and all-season tyres if the tread depth equals 2 mm and winter tires with the tread depth of 4 mm.
  • Tire manufacturers use special marks - special projection in the tread or figures (TWI or DSI sometimes) specifying the critical level of tire wear.
  • Small cracks on a tyre sidewall demonstrate rubber aging. Big cracks are a critical signal to immediate replacement of car tyres.
  • Tire aging can be determined by drying and peeling of a tire surface also.
  • The whistling sound produced by tires at turning maneuvers also testifies to wear of a tire.
  • Pay attention to the tyre expiration date specified by the producer. Remember that the average value makes 5–6 years from the date of production.

Why it is worth buying passenger cars tyres here

We have the following advantages:

  • Fast delivery. We will deliver your order in the shortest possible time.
  • Cost. There are various options in our catalog for different budgets.
  • Quality. We can guarantee the quality of all the products of our online store.
  • Assortment. tyres for any model of cars are presented in our catalog. There are tyres for all seasons. Also there are tyres for various road surfaces: from city to off road terrain.
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