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Moto tyres types

Motorcycle tires are an elastic wheel mantle made of a special rubber compound. They have a special tire section which provides the maximal grip with the road and excellent conditions for maneuvering.


  • For the highway and city roads. Light rolling resistance and good protection against hydroplaning are main characteristics of these moto tyres. The tread pattern is characterized by a large number of elements. The standard run makes from 4 to 7 thousand kilometers. Most often these types of tires are installed on classical models of motorcycles, and also on choppers and custom bikes.
  • For dirt roads and broken terrain. Tires of this type have a cross-country ability. This is provided by a wide tire section and rare, but large ground grousers. Operation term — 6–12 thousand kilometers of running. With tires of this type enduro, scrambler and motard motorcycle classes are equipped.
  • All-terrain. Owing to ground grousers these motorcycle tires have a good grip not with asphalt only, but also with dirt roads. The life cycle makes 20 thousand kilometers of a run. Tourers and cruisers are equipped with such tyres.
  • Motorcross. There are different tire types according to the road type:
    • for roads with hard surface — with wide ground grousers and rectangular tread checkers pattern;
    • for roads with soft covering — with rectangular tread pattern on the center and conical pattern— at the edges;
    • for snow-covered and ice-covered roads — with small and frequent checkers of  tread.
  • Racing. There are 3 types of sport moto tires:
    • Slick tires. The working temperature makes 80–100 °C. It is forbidden to use this tire type out of racing tracks.
    • “Street legal” motorcycle tyres. They can be used at a working temperature of 60–80 °C. They are characterized by the tread pattern with the minimal quantity of elements. They are often used for amateur competitions.
    • Racing rain tires. They are made of very soft rubber for the maximum level of grip with wet asphalt. They provide the best protection against hydroplaning, at the inclination of a motorcycle also. They  wear out on dry asphalt very quickly.

How to choose motorcycle tires

Choosing tires, pay attention to the following designations:

  • Tire dimensions. They are marked by letters and figures such as «140/60 ZR18», where the designations have the following meaning:
    • 1st digit number — The "cross-section width" of the tire in millimetres.
    • 2nd digit number - The "aspect ratio" of the sidewall height to the total width of the tyre.
    • the 3rd digit number - Diameter of the wheel rim that the tire is designed to fit. «ZR» or «R» points to a radial tire, their absence - to a diagonal tire.
  • TT («Tube Type») — tires with an inner tube, TL («Tubeless») — tubeless tires.
  • Date of production. It is an oval containing 4 figures. The first and the second figures mean the week of production and the last figures - the year of production. For example «1014» means the date of production - the 10th week of 2014.
  • The quantity of layers of tire belt and sidewall is specified by means of the corresponding mark. For example, the inscription "Tread 2 PL-Steel" testifies that tire belt has two-layer steel cord, and "Sidewall 2 Rayon" designation —two-layer sidewall from rayon.
  • DOT — meeting standards of the US Department of Transportation.
  • Letter "E" — meeting standards of the Economic Commission for Europe. The small figure near this letter corresponds to an index of the country where the tire  was tested.
  • The letter "F" (and also the "Front Wheel" and "Front Wheel Only") testifies to need of tire installation only on the front wheel of the motorcycle. "Rear Wheel" means that it is a tire for the rear wheel of motor-transport.

Hints for motorcycle tyres operation

  • Support pressure in tires according to requirements of the producer, but not to the general recommendations from the manual of the vehicle.
  • Avoid sharp braking and accelerating, turn manoeuvring at high speed: they reduce life cycle of motorcycle tires.
  • If the motorcycle isn't operated for a long time, remove tyres and store them by hanging. It will prevent tires from deformation.
  • Before a long-term storage, apply a special agent on a tire so that it won’t lose its elasticity. Be careful: after the beginning of a new season on the first kilometers of running, the tire will slide until the compound is erased.
  • Pay attention that a new tire is covered by the special substance preventing drying within 5 years. This compound is erased during running within the first 100–200 kilometers. To remove it from tires’ sidewalls, it is necessary to increase an angle of inclination at driving gradually to the one used by you.

How to determine that it is time to replace motorcycle tyres

The average expiration date of motorcycle tires makes 5 years. The average term of operation depends on a tire type, type of motor-transport and service conditions.

The main signs that it is time to replace tires are:

  • Mechanical damages. Carefully check motorcycle tyres after a road accident, traverse of obstacles or big hollows in the road. If mechanical damages occur, it is necessary to get a new tire.
  • Indicators of tire wear. All the tires have wear indicators on reaching which it is necessary to replace tires.
  • Uneven tread wear. It can be caused both by the wrong level of pressure in the wheel, and more serious malfunctions of running gear of the motorcycle. In this case it is necessary to address specialists of the service station.
  • Drying, peeling, cracks, whistling at turn manoeuvring. All these signs points that it is time to replace the tire.

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