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255 / 55 R15

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Peugeot 107 tyre sizes

During manufacturing, the PM and PN three- and five-door hatchbacks were fitted with 155/65 R14 components. As the replacement, the following sizes of tyres for Peugeot 107 were approved: 175/60 R14, 185/55 R15, 195/50 R15, 195/40 R16, 175/55 R15, 185/50 R15, and 195/45 R15. Items whose dimensions differ from the ones recommended by the car manufacturer should not be used. This can reduce the ride height and cause components to wear out prematurely.

Popular tyres for Peugeot 107.

  • Torque TQ 025: These are all-season components characterised by high durability. The tyre tread with four wide grooves guarantees a stable grip on wet and dry road surfaces. They ensure silent driving.
  • Nexen N Blue HD Plus: These products are intended for summertime use and they increase the fuel efficiency. Reinforced shoulder blocks improve handling in corners.
  • Kormoran Snowpro B2: Characterised by deep tread and wide grooves for channeling away water and slush, which improves the braking performance in poor weather conditions, these winter tyres also have a high resistance to hydroplaning.

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  • 107 Hatchback (PM_, PN_)
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