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KESKIN KT2 Cup Rim Number of article KT28518513052SW 8.5xR18 d71.60 ET52 5x130 hyper silber schwarz Horn poliert
alloy wheel KESKIN KT2 Cup hyper silber schwarz Horn poliert 18 inches 5x130 PCD ET52 KT28518513052SW

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Article №: KT28518513052SW
KESKIN KT2 Cup 5x130 8.5x18 ET52 CB71.60 hyper silber schwarz Horn poliert
  • Bolt Hole Circle Ø [mm]:  130
  • Rim Hole Number:  5
  • Rim Size [in]:  18
  • Offset [mm]:  52
  • Rims:  alloy wheel
  • Rim Width [in]:  8.5
  • Product line:  KT2 Cup
  • Colour:  hyper silber schwarz Horn poliert
  • Centering Diameter [mm]:  71.60
  • Condition:  New
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£ 874,98
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KESKIN KT9 Angel Rim Number of article KT91019511212020CH 10xR19 d76.00 ET20 5x112 Chrome
alloy wheel KESKIN KT9 Angel Chrome 19 inches 5x112 PCD ET20 KT91019511212020CH

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Article №: KT91019511212020CH
KESKIN KT9 Angel 5x112 10x19 ET20 CB76.00 Chrome
  • Bolt Hole Circle Ø [mm]:  112
  • Rim Hole Number:  5
  • Rim Size [in]:  19
  • Offset [mm]:  20
  • Rims:  alloy wheel
  • Rim Width [in]:  10
  • Product line:  KT9 Angel
  • Colour:  Chrome
  • Centering Diameter [mm]:  76.00
  • Condition:  New
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£ 687,38
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KESKIN wheel rims – a perfect combination of price and quality

Nowadays KESKIN wheel rims are among the most reliable and popular in the middle price segment. They are produced by the German company KESKIN Europa GmbH which has more than 30-years experience in this field. The main advantages of these rims are exclusive design, strength and variety of the assortment.

5 facts about the manufacturer

  1. The history of the firm started in 1985, when in Mannheim the Reifen Keskin company was founded that sold tyres.
  2. The company headquarters is located in Frankenthal, Germany.
  3. The logistics centre in Germany has a 10,000 m² area. About 250,000 wheel rims and 500,000 tyres are constantly on stock at the storage facilities.
  4. Apart from Germany, the company has subsidiaries in France, Finland, the USA and Turkey.
  5. KESKIN wheel rims are represented in more than 90 countries. Apart from the rims, the firm also produces tyres.

Types of KESKIN wheel rims

The most popular models of the brand are:

  • KT21. Elegant. They have 5 V-shaped spokes and a small central part. They are available in a 19-inch size. These rims are offered in four colour versions: with grey, palladium or red rim (itself) with polished front side of the spokes, and fully in palladium colour.
  • KT20. Future. Their design includes 10 double spokes located at an acute angle to the wheel central part, which adds a dynamic look to the product. They are produced in sizes from 18 to 20 inches. Customers can choose one of 7 colour versions. Black, palladium, golden and bronze colours are available, as well as their combinations; and a version with a red stripe. The coating is characterized by resistance to mechanical damages, thawing agents, so the parts can be used in winter.
  • KT19. Angel. The key element of their design is 5 bifurcated spokes resembling wings, due to which the product looks very unusual. It is offered in 7 colour versions, the most attractive of which is a combination of a black rim with a golden front part of the spokes. Their diameter can be 18 or 19 inches.
  • KT18. Turbo. These are 15-spoke wheel rims in a classic design. They are produced in four tints and in a 18-, 19-, 20-inch diameter.
  • KT17. Hurricane. They have 16 slightly tilted spokes. 10 colour versions are available. The most unusual products are the ones with a black matte rim with a red stripe; with a red rim and grey polished spokes; and with a black matte rim combined with the spokes painted in orange.

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We recommend you to buy KESKIN wheel rims if you want to add more sportive spirit, dynamics and individuality to your car exterior. Register on our website, add the spare parts you like to the wishlist, stay up to date with the price changes, and get the best deals.

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